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Light Detox for Summer 
with Access to Free 21-Day Detox Program 

Live online course instructed by Yolessa Lawrinnce & Linda Yoonjin
($600 total value)

Feel light, Get energized, Be Confident
Get the Detox Package for 15% off
+ FREE live course
As the temperature rises in summer, so does our need to rid the body of toxins and stored waste. This is the perfect time to slim down, get energized, and reestablish a state of natural health.

Not just for weight loss, a natural detox can help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will last much longer than the 21 day program.

Do you ... ?

Frequently get tired mid-morning and late afternoon

Experience headaches often
Have digestive issues and/or constipation
Have difficulty falling or staying asleep
Have stubborn weight around the mid-section
Experience dull, dry, or blemish prone skin
Why Detox in Summer?
We have more energy in summer, which also means we need more energy - and getting rid of toxins is the best way to do that.

Empty your body of excess waste naturally, and enjoy these benefits:
More energy
Clearer skin
Better sleep
Weight loss
Improved Digestion
Conscious lifestyle
Get the Summer Detox Package
Join us this summer to slim down, get energized,
and establish a lifestyle of natural health.  
Get the Detox Package for 15% off
+ FREE Live Online Course

The 21 Day Detox Package

There are four hand-selected products in this unique
detox program to help you amplify your health and form better habits.

You can purchase them separately at a *10% discount,
or receive a 15% discount when purchased together from 6/20 - 7/13!

*Offer excludes Belly Button Healing Kit

(Ginseng of the Sea)

Hamcho is excellent for helping the body better absorb nutrients, healthy weight loss, intestinal cleansing, and promoting gut health.   

Belly Button Healing Kit
This 3-piece kit contains a Belly Button Healing wand, detailed and illustrated How-to book, and a comprehensive online course.
Hwangchil Tea

This ancient Korean tea is renowned for its wide range of healing properties including calming the nervous system, stimulating and tonification of the meridians, and peace of body and mind.

The Solar Body Book

Ilchi Lee’s Solar Body Method consists of simple visualization meditations, exercises, breathing, and observation of the mind for vibrant health, naturally.

21 Day Detox Program Details

Starting July 20, for 21 days, we will begin a 3 week live online course that combines nutrition, gut healing exercises and daily super-easy protocols to clean your gut naturally to get you feeling light, energized, and clean. This detox program is a simplified version of our complete cleanse detox program and if perfect to reestablish homeostasis in your body.

 Step-by-step guidance on how to use the 21 day detox program in your everyday life

∆  Live Q&A with instructors to get all your questions personally answered

∆  Tools to cultivate and maintain healthy habits

∆  Group support and inspiration with like-minded people

∆  Understanding of the digestive system and elimination process


Session 1 - Thursday July 20 @ 8pm US EDT: Getting Started

Understand the basics of detox: what you need, how to prepare, and what to expect. Meet your trainers, learn about the benefits of each product, and start eliminating waste.

Session 2 - Tuesday August 1 @ 8pm US EDT: How to help each other

Detoxing can bring many physical and emotional toxins to the surface. Meet with the trainers to navigate through your own journey by getting your questions answered in an in-depth Q&A. Discuss the emotional and physical changes already happening and how to overcome your obstacles.

Session 3 - Thursday August 10 @ 8pm US EDT: Towards the next step!

Learn the tools and tips to maintain and apply your new knowledge of healthy habits and how to take the next step in your detox journey to dig much deeper.


The free 21-day course (3 live classes each week) will be hosted by Belly Button Healing expert Linda Yoonjin and co-instructed by detox specialist Yolessa Lawrinnce.


Join the 21 Day
Summer Detox Program

The ultimate way to rid your body of toxins, improve skin, get better sleep, and achieve total body health!

Get the Detox Package for 15% off
+ FREE live course
Meet The Trainers
Linda Yoonjin
Belly Button Healing expert
A native of Los Angeles, Linda has been a certified Eastern-style yoga, meditation, and mind-body wellness educator for the last 4 years. Her current passion is Belly Button Healing, which she credits to her overcoming a ten-year struggle with food sensitivities. Since then, she has become an expert on Belly Button Healing and has been educating people around the world through webinars and YouTube. She enjoys teaching in a style that is both playful and bright.
Yolessa Lawrinnce
Detox Specialist
Yolessa is the manager of the Sedona Meditation Center, a Tao Master Healer,  ChangeAgent, and Detox Coach. Through yoga and mind-body exercises, she has harnessed her innate ability to self-heal and is passionate about helping others discover the same. She has been a certified yoga instructor for over 10 years and also works with people 1-on- 1 to give attention to their intimate needs. She enjoys inspiring, motivating, and educating others to live their best life.